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Yes, we have custom suits!

Did you know that for nearly a century, Van Boven has offered custom suits made of the finest materials by the world’s best clothing companies?

Our current favorite for custom suits is Jack Victor of Montreal, Canada because of their exceptional quality, pricing, and reliability. Our longstanding partnership with them provides you with access to the finest seasonal fabrics produced by European textile makers such as Loro Piana, Barberis, and Lessona and crafted by Jack Victor pursuant to your exact measurements and specifications. Suit coats are available in a variety of shapes and styles, including traditional, modern, full, and tapered fits, two and three-button single or double-breasted fronts, and center, side, or no vents. Custom suit pants are available in flat front, reverse pleat, and box pleat.

The best news…you don’t need to make these decisions by yourself. Van Boven’s in-store experts will guide you through every step in the 4-5 week process, from the initial sizing, measurements, fabric choices, and style selections to the finishing touches with our tailor when your made-to-measure Jack Victor suit arrives at Van Boven.

We also have custom shirts!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Stantt, an innovative shirt maker based in New York, New York. Stantt offers custom shirts in 99 customizable sizes born of thousands of body scans and millions of data points, all available in a robust selection of stock and seasonal colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

No more small, medium, and large; your Stantt shirt will fit like a glove and have its own Manhattan street name for future orders. The in-store measurement process takes five minutes; the custom shirt typically arrives in 10-14 days.

Since we launched our partnership with Stantt, our customers have purchased literally hundreds of custom dress and sport shirts, and with good reason…the quality, fit, and style of a Stantt shirt provides Van Boven customers with a one-of-a-kind fit and unsurpassed value.